Commodes and its Varieties for Elderly or Disabled People

Commodes and its Varieties for Elderly or Disabled People

With age people lose their mobility, thus they face problem in the bathroom issue. Most of them find it uncomfortable to discuss this topic. This is when a commode chair turns out to be a true friend of theirs. It is a portable toilet which can be used inside their bedroom when a person finds it difficult to reach the toilet. It looks like a chair with a container fitted below where the waste gets collected. The handlebars make it convenient to use and also gives the required support.

The different types

If you check online, there are a number of websites that sell such mobility aids items. Certhealth is one such website, which has been successfully into this business since almost 20 years now. To know more about their bathroom safety products, you can take a look at the link But before that, you should know the different types of commode chairs that are available in the market. The types are as follows:

  • Bedside commode – This is the most common type. It is a stand-alone piece that has a frame, a toilet seat and a removable bucket to collect the waste. Some are stationary and some are folding with a removable waste bin. These commodes can also be fitted on the normal toilet seats for providing extra support. Some can also be moved inside the shower.
  • Commode with wheels- This type is useful if you regularly move it around, you don’t need to lift it just glide it smoothly wherever required.
  • Bariatric commode- This is a heavy-weight commode designed for people weighing more than 300 to 1000 pounds. This variety often has a deeper and wider padded seat compared to a standard one.
  • Shower commode mobile chair- This chair is similar to a small wheelchair fitted with a commode bucket. It can be dragged into a big sized shower and used for bathing a person. These types of mobile chairs are made of rust-proof materials so that they are ideal to be used in the shower. The height and angle footplate of these comfortable chairs are adjustable.
  • Drop arm commode – The design of this is similar to a standard bedside commode but has the facility to drop the sidearm. This facilitates the patients to easily shift from the bed onto the commode. Once a person has been safely shifted, the drop arm is placed back to its original position for support.

Who all needs it?

When you check the link, you will get a fair idea on who all can get benefitted from these commode chairs. Still, if you want to know in a little more details then you can note that this piece of medical equipment proves to be really handy for weak people who lack body balance, elderly, sick or disabled people. At Certhealth, their prime focus is to maintain the convenience and the functionality of each of the items and bless these elderly and disabled people a more controlled and steady routine in their day-to-day life.

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