The latest Development in the FUT Hair Transplant

The latest Development in the FUT Hair Transplant

The hair transplant procedure is performed by using the extraction technique known as the FUT hair transplant or the FUE hair transplant. The technique or method is used to extract live hair roots/grafts in order to meet the implantation demand of the hair transplant surgery. The outcome strength in the hair transplant procedure is rated on the basis of the hair root extracted that decides the amount of graft extraction in the particular session. The technique decision in the procedure is confirmed by the expert advice during the primary consultation that considers on many aspects related to the procedure feasibility as well as the technique suitability. The hair transplant in Delhi offers the best lucrative plan along with the hair transplant services that gives the support to our medical tourists who especially visits India to receive the hair transplant surgery. As far as the cost is concerned, the hair transplant cost in Delhi comes under the reasonable cost option and become the most favourable option for the economically concerned masses.

When we talk about technique and the latest development, both the methods have their own presence, but on the matter of the outcome, the FUT weighs the prime place in order to offer the maximum number of viable hair roots in a single session. The latest development comes with the technology advancement and in this regard, the procedure of hair transplant has been defined with the added technology benefits.

In this write-up, we will describe the role of technology advancement in the FUT hair transplant is summarized below: –

  1. The FUT is performed by the very fine incision: The FUT or the follicular unit transplant is done via the strip excision, which is taken out from the safe donor part of the scalp, i.e., the back and sides of the scalp. The incision is made in such a manner that the linear strip is excised containing follicular units that are destined to remain permanent in nature. The incisions are very fine that are further closed by using the advanced closure technique of the Trichophytic closure.
  2. The Role of Trichophytic closure: This is an advanced closure technique in which a surgeon closes the wounded edged by overlapping them so that the edges of the incision get closed effectively and the regrowth of hair could be possible just through the wounded scars. The trichophytic closure is a modern closure technique that is applied in the FUT hair transplant helps in attaining the scarless effect of the hair transplant surgery.
  3. Graft Dissection Process: The graft dissection process comes after the removal of the strip in the FUT technique. The graft dissection process is actually a way to obtain the viable grafts by dissecting and separating them from the other connective tissues. The use of higher magnifications of microscopes allows a surgeon to see the grafts with better visibility, avoid the chances of an unwanted transaction or damages. The dissection is why performed under the high-quality microscopes helps in obtaining the best number of viable hair roots in a single session.
  4. Holding Solution: Holding solution has a great role in meeting the desired aesthetic goal of the hair transplant procedure. There are a variety of solutions used in the hair restoration surgery to store the grafts during the transplantation session in order to maintain the viability of the grafts as well as ensuring the maximum yielding ratio. The use of Hypo Thermosol as a holding solution ensures us about the maximum growth as well as the utmost survival of grafts. It avoids the unwanted desiccation and a surgeon can fully utilize the extracted graft in the hair transplant procedure.
  5. The Recipient site creation: The slits are a tiny hole in which extracted grafts are inserted to fulfil the restoration job and it must be inserted as well as created carefully in order to meet the aesthetic challenge of the procedure. It is advisable to make the lateral slits that allow a surgeon to orient the hair within the follicular unit to match the natural fashion of the hair growth.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant involves the modern and advanced technique to meet the aesthetic demand of the surgery with the greatest cosmetic benefits. One can receive the best outcome of the procedure if the chosen technique is trip harvesting as it makes the possibility of getting the maximum number of viable hair roots in a single session.

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