Why are Dental Implants Recommended over other teeth replacement?

Why are Dental Implants Recommended over other teeth replacement?

Every one of us is blessed with the pearly white set of teeth that help us eat and smile. Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky to have our teeth throughout the lifetime. We start losing our teeth as we grow older. There also chances where people miss their teeth at a much younger age due to some disease or accidental damage. When a tooth is lost, whatever our age is, we lose our self-image and self-esteem. We also get a feeling of getting older. Losing a tooth is pretty serious. Once you start losing teeth, you will eventually start looking older. The longer you wait to replace a missing tooth, the more difficult and expensive it becomes to get the replacement you need. Some people choose to do nothing at all leaving the space or spaces. This is however strongly not recommended. There are dental implants Sydney that are designed not to come out of the mouth. They are the easiest to live with, feel more like the natural teeth and are more cosmetic than removable dentures.

What are the other options to replace Missing Teeth?

When a tooth is lost or removed, it is vital to consider filling the gap between the teeth. Here are some options for replacing the missing tooth.


Bridges are nothing but filler tooth that is attached to the two adjacent crowns. The bridge will then be bounded into the mouth. The disadvantages with bridges are that the teeth supporting it has to be shaved down in order to prepare them. These adjacent teeth will also receive more stress and pressure which can make them weak and more susceptible to decay.

Also, bone loss is a significant concern with bridges. As the bridges are not fixed to the jawbone, they do not stimulate the bones, and hence bone loss could occur.

There is also increased risk of plaque build up below the margin of the crowns. These are some of the potential risk associated with bridges.


Dentures are nothing but removable appliances to fill the space where teeth used to be. They are made from acrylic plastic and metal. The plastic dentures rest on gums while the other is supported by natural teeth. Dentures are unlikely to feel natural. They are claimed to be uncomfortable by people who use them.

Also, as they are removable, there is a fear they may fall out anytime while we talk or eat.

Why are Dental Implants Sydney the best among other Teeth Replacements?

Dental implants involve replacing the whole tooth, and this includes the tooth root. It is achieved by implanting titanium supports into the jawbone. Implants are used to replace a single tooth or multiple ones. The affordable dental implants cost Sydney are left to fuse with the jawbone and hence are very strong and help to stimulate jaw bone growth like natural teeth.

Also, they are fixed in the mouth, so there is no fear of them falling out. In addition to the above, affordable dental implants Sydney are easy to care. All you should is to follow the regular routine of brushing and flossing just like you do with your natural teeth!

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